Cream City

Badabite Ice Cream Candy

Choco Almond Crunch Candy

Rich dark chocolate covering, crushed almonds and soft smooth chocolate Ice Cream, giving you a crunchy badabite.

Choco Fudge Candy

You won’t budge without finishing it to the stick! It’s so soft, smooth and chocolatey that it will rock your world.

Cookies N Cream Candy

You can never go wrong with Cookies 'N' Cream! A chocolatey crunchy, cookie-packed treat covered witH chocolate.

Dark Truffle Candy

An overload of creamy dark chocolate that will make you crave more… and more… and more…

Mango Candy

A royal taste of the king of fruits! Pure pulpy mango Ice Cream that can be indulged in all year round!

Red Velvet Candy

Enjoy the delicious surprise of red velvet crumbs in each bite! Red Velvet Badabite Candy is here to win hearts and taste buds.

Cream City

Swirling the way to happiness!