Cream City

Chocolate Candies

Best Chocobar 60 ml

The traditional style chocobar Ice Cream, with a Vadilal promise of ultimate deliciousness!

Bomber 70 ml

A crispy crunchy outer layer with chocolate Ice Cream on the inside mixed with a hint of vanilla! An explosion of flavour, it is!

Chocobar 35 ml

Pure creamy vanilla on the inside with a chocolatey covering on the outside. It’s wholesome… inside out!

Funtastic 80 ml

Chocolatey on the outside, chocolatey on the inside! A crispy, chocolatey layer covered with a chocolatey slab on the inside.

One Up Chocobar 70 ml

A chocolatey crust on the outside and creamy, smooth vanilla Ice Cream on the inside. Doubly yummy, indeed!

Cream City

Swirling the way to happiness!