Cream City


Butterscotch Treat Cone

Treat yourself to an Ice Cream cone that is crunchy, tasty and butterscotch-y. We’re drooling already!

Choco Vanilla Cone

Relish in this fantabulous combination of chocolate and vanilla. It is bound to make you want more.

Mini Cone

This mini cone is BIG on flavours. Delicious butterscotch, chocolate fudge and a quick fix for all your dessert cravings!

Pista Cone

What’s not to like when there is salty, crunchy bits of pistachio and a chocolate-topped Vadilal twist.

Royal Butterscotch Cone

You can never get enough of the royal butterscotch with Vadilal’s touch of crunchy chocolate flakes and syrup.

Volcano Chocolate Cone

When hunger strikes, oozing melted chocolate wrapped with wafer cones topped with crunchy nuts is the only solution.

Cream City

Swirling the way to happiness!