Cream City

Jumbo Ice Cream Cups

American Nuts Jumbo Cup

Less is more? Not when we’re talking about a jumbo scoop of Ice Cream laced with fresh fruits, nuts, and jellies! Then, even more, is not enough!

Badam Carnival Jumbo Cup

Classic Vanilla flavoured Ice Cream sprinkled with caramelized, roasted almonds. Classic, delicious and oh-so-rich!

Butterscotch Jumbo Cup

An Ice Cream with buttery and caramelised crunch is an old-time favourite. So delicious and tempting, you’ll want to skip your meal!

Chocolate Chips Jumbo Cup

LOADS of choco chips in a GIANT cup full of chocolate Ice Cream. A treat that will make you say… “give me more!”.

Kaju Draksh Jumbo Cup

The kaju carnival – versatile! Super crunchy cashew nuts and fresh raisins spread over the smooth silky Vanilla Ice Cream. 

Rajbhog Jumbo Cup

Want to revel in some royalty? Fresh nuts with streaks of saffron and cardamom in one giant scoop of tasty Ice Cream is the way to go! 

Real Kesar Pista Jumbo Cup

Sweet with a hint of spice, is sprinkled with freshly grated pistachio, saffron, and cardamom makes for a combo your palate won’t forget! 

Rich Chocolate Jumbo Cup

The bigger and richer, the better. Especially when it’s chocolate! Indulge in a giant scoop of rich, chocolate overloaded Ice Cream. 

Sitafal Jumbo Cup

Enjoy this giant scoop of refreshing fruit Ice Cream all year round. It's rich, creamy and so luscious you are sure to come back for more.

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